Monday, 15 April 2013

the business plan

I like bikes. So when I see a bike shop I usually go in and have a look. And this is what I did at a local bike shop.
And this is the tale the proprietor told me.
She has a new folding bike for sale at $250.00. That is a good price for an alloy bike 6 gears.
I  paid 500.00  So I said to the owner who is a bright young woman...
"How can you sell them so cheap" seems Supercheap auto have a folding bike for 149.00 and she just can't compete and so has to sell her $500 stock for half price. Now her quality is superior but market forces what they are ...well you get the picture.
It is a shame. Perhaps we as consumers should support the small business. Quality over price? Its a hard ask, but common sense.

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