Friday, 12 April 2013

Perception is everything

Picture this.

At the local shopping centre there is Coles and there is a small independent green grocer. The Green Grocer doesn't sell much in the way of variety. The produce is in  baskets and of the fill a bag variety. Carrots for $2.00. Potatoes for $2.00 etc
It boasts local.

Now what do I see, but the proprietor of the Green grocers coming out of Coles with bags of shopping and in the bags were carrots @ $1.20 a bag.

Even is she wasn't going to do a swifty and sell them at a profit it is not a good look. I commented as much and a passer-by remarked on the same line.
Is this just another example of gouging the Australian public?

Common sense says you would do it after 5pm when your own shop is closed....if nothing else to allay any suspicions.

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