Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dog sense

It seems dogs don't have a lot of smarts sometimes.

Where I live there is a gate with bars and this swings into a larger gate so when they are both operating you can pull something wide down the dock.
Most of the time people just push the green button to use the smaller side or swipe the key. The door is sprung to close.
this morning a woman with a dog swiped to come in, but the dog slipped through the bars first. Not a problem.
She walked thru and the dog went back outside thru the gate. The gate shut.
woman on the inside/dog on the outside.
So she opened the gate and went out to get him and coax  him in and he went through the bars again.
dog on the inside/woman on the outside.
she swiped her key to  get in and ...the dog went on the outside.
dog on the outside/woman on the inside.

It was getting ridiculous. So as pack master the woman opened the gate and ran after the pet, scooped him up and carried him inside.
He looked at her like
What is all the fuss about.

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