Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Getting the instructions right DIY

I just purchased a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

So the instructions read.

When using the appliance, make sure that no hair, clothing or members are drawn in.
?  Is there a secret club I don't know about. Vacuum suckers united.

Do not use in a damp environment.
But is for sucking up water. How can I comply

Make sure the appliance is not plugged into the power mains.
What the?

Wear protective clothing and gloves.
I'm not going to vacuum up the Fukushima tea room, just my floors.

Never use the appliance if you are tired.
Obviously it is not intended for a work a day woman/man.

And here I was thinking vacuuming was as easy as putting the kettle on.
Perhaps I should leave it to the professionals.

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