Thursday, 26 November 2009

slim pickings

christmas is coming and it seems that the Australians won't be getting fat.
A recent magazine by Bi-lo (a supermarket chain) boasts they can feed a family of 6 for under $50.
sounds fantastic and who wouldn't want to save money but ...
the meals are really small. Don't they know that Australia is the fattest nation on earth. I don't think 160g of salad will serve 8 Aussies. or their advertised one punnet of cherry tomatoes and 100g of spinach leaves will satisfy 6 hungry adults.
And the other side of the story is that by the time you get to the shops the price will probably be up by 10% judging by the price of bananas (which varies day to day)

nice try Bi-Lo, pull the other christmas cracker, it plays jingle bells.

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