Thursday, 4 October 2007

Rescue me

Now this is really a good one.
Imagine if you will a sailor stranded in the ocean. His one chance of getting noticed is a dye he rips open and puts into the sea. It can be see from aircraft and last about one hour.
If the unfortunate sailor was to read the instructions on the packet he would notice something that seems so non sensical in the scheme of being saved from certain death by drowning or eating. In small print on the bottom of the packet that might just save your life is a little phrase.
Please dispose of this packet thoughtfully! Well, I'm fighting for my life and I will just pop the packet in my pocket to put in a bin later on when I get rescued...
rescue me says the L.C. Sense from this stupidity.

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  1. As you are on a mission to look for commonsense I can at least support you by advising that you probably shouldn't look at an airport. Sunday I was boarding a plane when I was advised to remove my two glossy magazines to make my bag be with in the required 7 kilo to take on board as hand luggage. Mmmmm? Bag in one hand, handbag in the other and two slippery magazines tucked under my arm. So much easier to manage. The 900 grams lighter made all the difference!


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