Tuesday, 29 May 2007

toy trains gone mad.

Imagine this
a young family decide to go to the minature railway held once a month. They take their friends who have a small baby with them.
Now the rules state that to ride the little steam engines you need closed in shoes. Fair enough, if they are the rules. So the little ones get on board for fun and then Mum wants to go with the babe in arms. No closed in shoes - no ride. But the baby can't even walk and only wears socks at the best of times. Still the rules are rules and the inspector will not budge on this contentious issue. So the baby who can't even walk cannot go on the ride, even though mum is carrying it.
Those closed in shoes will really save you, when you are 12 inches off the ground. Thank heavens for rules. Where would we be with out them and their proponents.

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