Tuesday, 29 May 2007

art or what?

In 2005 there was an art project in Melbourne. It was called art but you be the judge.
Meat Market project.
Artists underetook liposuction operations spedifically for the purpose of this new work and have succeeded in securing the sanitized isolation and most importantly the legal ownership of the remnants of the procedures. The bio materials are now housed within Blender industrial casing on exhibition at the meat market gallery The installations itself stands at just over 1.6 metres high and is anthropomorphic in scale and Structure. Every few minutes the blender automatically circulates or blends its contents via a system of compressed air pumps and a pheumatic actuator. The mixture included 4.6 litres of subcutaneous fat taken from the artics torso and limbs and (other nasties)installed under a single dramatic spotlight blender is also wired for sound.
Now comes the good part; (and if you can understand this let me know!)
The project is an inevitable outcome of the artists longstanding fascination with alternative corporeal architectures and bodily functions. It also however acts as an astute signpost towards some of the more contentious issues surroundings the blending of contemporary technology with corporeality. In an age in which the body is more freqauently neither seen nor heard blender is sryly anarchic an audiable visceral display of entological substance.
Worth seeing just for the DA factor don't you think.

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