Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Police threaten the public.

If you risk your life you will be charged.

 That sounds like a sweeping statement. Of course using common sense we know what the Police are trying to say, but will they arrest you for swimming outside the flags, smoking a cigarette, J walking, not texting your partner when you will be late to dinner with their parents? The list is endless. 

Perhaps they should stop threatening the public. 

from the Courier Mail:

A man who allegedly drove drunk and unlicensed into floodwaters was rescued from the roof of his car more than four hours later. http://goo.gl/uBgBT 

 The Queensland Police Service say they're sick of people ignoring warnings, and will crack down:

 "The message is if you risk your life you will be caught and we will charge you." "Police are constantly frustrated by people who actually get out of their cars to move the warning signs and drive through." http://goo.gl/uBgBT

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