Thursday, 20 January 2011


I recently sent this email. After two weeks I'm still waiting for a reply.
Service? What service? Manners? As if.

to the Marketing Manager,
I recently purchased an onkaparinga blanket from Adairs in Townsville. The reason I chose Onkaparinga was that as an Adelaide born Australian I had grown up with Onkaparinga blankets and they were a staple of my families linen closet for 25 years.I knew the quality and trusted the Onkaparina name. So when I chose this blanket my expectations were high. Imagine then when my ordered blanket arrived my dismay to find my Onkaparina cornflour blue blanket is made in China. I was not happy. I wonder if I have been duped. I query the quality of the product that just trades on a previous Australian made excellence. No doubt this blanket is warm and made from wool, that is not my issue. My problem is that I feel conned by Onkaparina and therefore sleepmaster Pty.Ltd. No one told me that the production had gone offshore. I try to support Australian products when and where I can but my ethos is hard to put into practice as most of the manufacturing of everything is done elsewhere, but I thought I would be safe with an Australian company. If I have misjudged sleepmaster and your line of products include a merino wool, Australian made product I apologize. Please point me in the right direction otherwise I will just have to sleep under another misconception.

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