Sunday, 24 January 2010

perception in everything

The League of common sense heard something which makes it wonder.

It seems the water police somewhere in North Queensland have a still. It may not be a crime to home brew in fact it is a very popular pastime.
it seems the police have the still in the police station and brew spirits for consumption.
It this appropriate use of tax payer facilities?
do they tend their alcoholic beverages in police time?
Is this a good look?
Where were they when common sense was handed out?
Does policeman and yobbo mean the same thing?
Perception is everything fellas.


  1. Ayn Rand’s writings explained how America’s success with individual freedom. Early settlers had no other choice. No paternal government stood by. Jefferson, in the Declaration, defined what Americans created. We had three constitutions to limit the government and protect close governance, starting between the ears and in the heart, to the County no further than a day’s horseback ride. Our elected representatives take an Oath to preserve our system, yet turn on it and trash it to bring back the Old World system rejected 400 years ago and by force just over 200 ears ago. Modern politicians move government away to a distant city as the center of organized crime, as if run by the Sopranos. They picked our pockets and destroyed our economy. See The Changing Face of Democrats on Amazon and

  2. Many police stations, especially in remote communities, have a social club attached to them, to allow the police to have some "down time" off shift.
    It would be impossible for them to do so at the local pub.
    The social clubs are self-funding. They are not funded by tax payers dollars.
    The officers only use them when they are off duty.
    Cut them a break...they do a tough job, and deserve to have the opportunity to relax now and then, just like the rest of us.


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