Wednesday, 26 December 2007


Christmas is over and I find my friends the baby boomers of this world are all saying one thing. Actually three things. Overrated, overdone and over it.
There seems to be a growing consensus that Christmas has lost its appeal. The giving and receiving and buying and greed overshadow what was once a simple affair over the dinner table.
Is it just the grumpy old men and women ranting or is there something to the rant.
I tend to think that the red and green and tinsel theme has finally taken over and the products of the 90s ( youngsters) see it as something for nothing.
I don't advocate the banning of the festivities etc but there has to be some sort of balance to the thing. Manners, being grateful, genuine charity, and modesty are all things to be admired. These should be the message for Christmas. Do it ( what ever it is) with decorum and a sense of inner pride and not so someone can see you. The latest and greatest isn't always the way to go.
This is the word on the street from the 50 somethings.

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  1. Heres what I don't see anymore, that I saw 20 years ago:

    --Carollers going from door to door and on the Main Street of our Village.

    --Parties at everyone's houses, dinner parties, dessert parties, you name it --openhouses

    -- token small gift exchanges rather than people asking for iPod level gifts.

    --People really in the spirit, hanging out at the local cafes and bakeries without answering cell phones every 10 minutes.

    I went to lunch with a friend (a little Christmas Lunch) she talked nonstop on her cell--took calls, made calls all through lunch. Even the waiter was annoyed. I ended up apologising for her to him, and he comped me MY glass of wine--but not hers! She wondered why when we got outside!


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