Thursday, 27 December 2007

gun laws

A skipper had a gun on his boat. He did all the right things. I.e. cabinets with locks, licenses,registration, joining the gun club, etc, etc, etc. Now through an unfortunate accident the trawler burnt to the water line. His wife even videotaped the event. It was on the local television and everything. And the gun went down with the ship. So he told the police, the insurance company, the gun club, the licensing people and filled in numerous forms. All was well until the police did a spot check and he was registered as having a gun and he couldn't produce it.
He told the story of the sinking, he produced all the documents and they seemed satisfied. But low and behold he was issued with a summons to produce the gun or else!
After all this he wished he did have the gun cause it would be a lot less painful than the palarva he had to go through to explain himself in triplicate.

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