Tuesday, 13 November 2007

is this relevant?

I heard, (hearsay is the only form of gossip)
that in the parliament of Queensland they were debating the issue of pocket money. Did you know (shock horror) that boys get more than girls.
What I want to know is why is this of dire national importance to be a debate topic at all. what about all the other things that are of much more immediacy, like water, or recycling, or infrastructure etc. Surely there is something better to talk about. Apparently not!

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  1. On the subject of the priorities of politicians ....

    I'm guessing that the local member for Townsville is just a TEENY bit worried that he is about to become and ex- local member. Since the election campaign began I have received at least 1 letter from him each week. No less that 4 colourfully & professionally printed letter have graced my letterbox.
    My question is who pays for these political missives? Couldn't this money be better spent within the electorate to fund another hospital bed (or a cardiac unit)???

    Not happy Jan (I mean Peter). You're beginning to look a bit desperate.

    Posted by Robyn


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