Monday, 5 November 2007

the biggest and the best

Why is it that journos use such colourful adjectives to describe such mundane stories.
There are policies which impact on taxpayers.
there are horrific crashes, a fury of protesters, amazing rescues which are miracles.
Some of these seem OK to the ear, but is it just that we are accustomed to such descriptions?
And Australia seems to take anyone to their bosom who has any small tenuous link to the country and call them their own. What is wrong with telling the story without embellishment.
Sports writers seems to have swallowed a dictionary of adjectives. Grinding out victories, smashing their way to a win, massaging the field etc.
If you want a good sport while watching sports report count the number of descriptions for the segment. It is an eye opener.

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  1. Just today, in BBC headlines, Radcliffe stormed to victory in NYC, Nolan salvaged a point for Bolton, Arsenal surged to semi finals, Ashwin's blog spurted up hit ratings (only made the last one up:)


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