Saturday, 3 November 2007

banking conundrums

Please tell me why the bank with all it's whizz bag new systems and boasting bettwer service can't electronically transfer money the same day. Here is the senario;
I was to recieve some money and the sender was in NSW me in QLD. So his bank and my bank weren't on speaking terms and it would take 3 days minimum to get the funds to me. But ...the bank his end would keep the money for those 3 days and you can't tell me they just put in under the matress. I guess they would make it work for them. Anyway I went to the post office. They said no problemo. He handed over the cash and in 20 minutes the fax came through and they handed the cash over to me. Simple, easy and quick. It doesn't get any better than that.
And the excuses for the banks inability ... none. save the ones i labelled them with.

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