Thursday, 3 May 2007

The League of Common Sense

Ever wondered why?
Ever thought that people have gone just a little crazy. Homer Simpson says Doh!
The League of Common Sense says Da!
Isn't it obvious that life has sharp edges, and sometimes we get hurt.

why do some blame others for their misfortune.
"I really thought there was money in that African country and they just wanted $25,000 to help recover it. " Just plain greedy and doesn't want to work for his bank account like the rest of us, says the Leauge of CS.

Do you see the headlines :Woman sues for falling over!
Well says the League of CS, perhaps she should look where she was going in the first place.

And that song "What about me! "Well what about you? Get a life, job, hobby, etc and stop bleeting.

Dont'get me started on that one.
Why do the politicians and do gooders think they have to level the playing field so every one is equal. George Orwell knew everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.
Where is the will to aspire, achieve, be the best or better than the person next to you. What is wrong with a healthy ego.
When you hear people say; oh they only got that job because... Well maybe, just maybe he was the best person for the job.
Why can't we have chairman, a postman, etc. Why do we muddy the waters with chair person, etc. Everyone knows you don't necessarily mean a man.

How many rules and regulations are just made for the hell of it.
The law makers will tell you it is for your own benefit. They will cite statistics to back their claim that they know what is best for you. After all, you can't be expected to actually think for yourself, now can you!
Why is it illegal to drive with your elbow out the window.?
Why is it illegal to drink in a public place. Is it the rule for the minority at the expense of the majority?
Why is it you vote for a member for government and he is supposed to represent your interests, yet he crosses the floor of his own accord to sit on the other side without consulting the people who put him there.
The LEAGUE OF COMMON SENSE will save your sanity. When all round the world is getting out of control and common sense has been lost, post your DA! stories here.

We don't want raving, rantings, and whinging.

We do want small insights into the DA factor.

On a boat you must, when the new regulations come in have a holding tank for toilet waste. This in North Queensland means that you have to be way, way off shore to use the toilet over the side or the alternative is to store it in the tank. They when you get into port it can be pumped out. Except there are no facilities in North Queensland to pump out. None, zip, zilch, zero, nicks nothing. What do the authorities expect you to do. Hold on indefinitely.

When you want to register a trailer you need a vin number.( vehicle identification number) The authorities want to see this number on the trailer to verify it is there before they give you a rego. But they will take your word for it that it is on the trailer in a prominant place, and you rejoin the queue and duly get your rego. So farmer blogs has to go home to oodle a woop woop and put his vin on and then come back into town to say he has done it. What is to stop you walking outside and then going for a cofee and then rejoining the queue and all in under an hour.
Well says the authority behind the desk we just have to trust you. So why all the rig-a-ma-role in the first place? Just give me the bloody number.!

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