Friday, 4 May 2007

beware of neighbourly help

In Townsville a neighbour was asked over to fix a fridge. The neighbour a kind sort of bloke obligingly went over and fixed the fridge. The woman who asked was pregnant and then complained of a back ache. So the neighbour rubbed her back and neck then patted her fattening belly. Nothing was said at the time, but later he was charged with common assault. $700 odd dollars later with a fine he won't be patting anyone else.
This story was in the the Townsville Bulletin on 3/5/07. I am writing this as heresay. But the gist of the thing is people pat pregnant bellies all the time and if she was offended she should have said something at the time. (or her husband who was there too). Pregnant women attract attention especially by other women. They get patted or chatted to all the time. But beware all you belly patters. There may just be someone out there willing to grab your wallet for that pat.

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