Saturday, 6 April 2013

the cost of living

Why is it that a new printer is cheaper than the cartridge of ink you need to keep it working.
What happened to manufacturing that we can buy a printer made in China for $49. How can they be making a profit at this ridiculously cheap price? And ...if they are making a profit what of Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, J.B. HiFi and the rest? Are they just gouging? Greedy Bastards to charge three times as much for the same functionality?
Common sense says that the ink should be cheaper than the machine. There is something so wrong with the whole retail concept.

And what of the price of the ink? Why is it that on the internet you can get one for $11.00 delivered and Harvey Norman want $60. More greed? 
It pays to shop around and use a little common sense. 
Price matching is the new game in town

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