Saturday, 23 March 2013

Duopoly and the customer

Shopping is just one of those things we must do. But it seems these days there are more dissatisfied customers than satisfied.
Every day for a week I have been in Coles and struck up a chat with strangers in the fruit and veg, the deli and the dairy cabinet.
They all tell me the same thing.
Sick of the high prices, the bad quality and the lack of an alternative shopping experience.
The league of common sense is not the only one with a grumpy face it seems.
Is there any reason why the Government doesn't do something about the duopoly? They go after airlines, mining, and other giants of industry. Why not Coles and Woolworths? This very subject was on the radio last week. Bob Katter has been bleating for years. IGA have been griping.
Where is the common sense?
Price fixing is rife. How can Coles and Woolies have exactly the same overheads, cost structures and profit margins to give us a bottle of soda water at exactly the same price.

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