Saturday, 10 March 2012

How much is too much

I was driving to the shops today and saw a young lad of about 15 stack his bike and come off rather badly, hitting his chin on the gutter. He fell in a heap and so I stopped as did another driver and we tended to his copious wounds. He was gouged, scratched, bleeding and sore, but didn't seem to have broken bones. An ambulance was called as he was in shock and while we waited I cleaned him up and the other man helped him phone his mum.
with sirens blaring an ambulance arrived, then another, then a fire engine. When the call was put in it was stressed he was in no danger, there wasn't a car involved and he had just fallen off his bike.
Was the fire service really necessary?
Then the ambulance woman began her examination. Now anyone could see the boy was sore but in tact yet she began to cut his t-shirt off his body. I wonder if she might have asked him if it was ok first. He didn't seem to be made of money and probably didn't have too many shirts in the first place. I walked away, my part in the accident over, but the poor boy...well his ordeal would just be beginning with the paperwork, the waiting, the explaining and then home to recuperate.

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