Saturday, 29 January 2011

the League gets in the Townsville Bulletin.

This is an article written about my year of complaining which was published in the Townsville Bulletin today.
it says;
It's a bit rough when you can't even fly an Aussie made flag on Australia Day. Or that the stubby cooler you are holding and the Aussie thongs you are wearing bear the tag "Made in China."
so reckoned Townsville blogger Kerry Ashwin who is up in arms that there are so few Australian made products available in today's market...
it goes on to quote me;
When Townsville consumers go to buy something, I want them to say to the retailer: "I want one of these, but one made in Australia, and for the same price."
"Im not jingoistic, but we have to hold manufacturers and retailers to account. Maybe we should make Australia Day the one day of the year that we only buy Australian made goods, nothing imported from overseas... (re printed from Andy Toulson Townsville Bulletin Jan 29 2011)
Thanks Bulletin for trying to get the message out there.

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