Wednesday, 14 July 2010

USA missing common sense.

this was posted on a blog I follow. Even in the good ol' U.S. of A.
The rejection queen is now posting about the lack of common sense.

My little sister is a college student who works a minimum wage job at a sandwich shop. Now, if you are familiar with the Orange County, California area, you know how extremely expensive everything is here. To rent a studio apartment it will cost around 1,300 dollars to get something semi-decent. Hey, even I can’t afford to live in a studio apartment. And I have a decent paying nine to five job. That’s how bad it is. The cost of living in Orange County is at the point of almost insufferable. Somehow, my sister lives in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate and she still pays more rent than I do. Note, I said before that she is working a minimum wage job so it is a wonder how she gets by. She’s done everything she can for financial aid--- applied for FASA a couple years ago, but it ran out last year. This year my parents convinced her to put in a request for food stamps because she’s at the point of desperation. Now, I have nothing against people applying for food stamps. It’s just not what I would resort too. In fact, it got so bad after my roommate bailed without paying the rent in February’09 that my boss actually suggested it to me. But I told him there would be no way in hell. I’d rather live off cartons of 99-cent tofu than go that low. Since my sister is always complaining about how expensive food is, (she’s a vegetarian) she decided to swallow her pride and apply for food stamps.

A few days after making this decision, my sister headed down to the nearest social security office (I think that’s where she applied, it might be a different name, but I’m not sure.) She gets there and crowds of homeless looking people surround her. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. Imagine a super skinny, five-foot five, blond in a sea of ethnicity….okay she was probably the only blond girl there. Anyway, my sister fills out the application and meets with someone at the office. Now I’m not sure how the rest of this story goes, but I will tell you this: She was denied. Apparently she makes too much money. This little girl goes to school and is trying to make a living (unlike half the people in that sorry-ass line) and she’s denied because she makes minimum wage???!!! Please, who can I punch in the face right now? So let me get this straight. If my sister was just sponging off the system and didn't give a rat ass about her future they would give her money? Here is a girl who is trying to make money, but she can’t actually cut it. This social security office would rather give food stamps to those who are worthless to this society? Really now? And I don’t care if these bums are single, married or have children. First of all, if they don’t have a job or money they shouldn’t be having children in the first place. And if this is the case, those children should be taken away immediately. In my book, there is no excuse for this sort of laziness. This is why I feel no sympathy towards the homeless. Like I always say, “Hey man, there is a McDonalds right down the street. And they are always hiring.” Well, unless the homeless person has a mental problem, but that’s a completely different subject entirely.

So I feel for my sister. Her situation hasn’t changed much in the past few months. She’s still a starving student. But somehow, she is surviving. When she finishes her last semester of junior college she will be moving back home to live with my parents. Her intentions would be trying to save money so she can go to a college in San Francisco. I’m not too thrilled about her moving back home with my brainwashing parentals, but this is the only option that is viable to her at the moment. Ah, poor little “rich” girl.
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