Thursday, 8 April 2010

Big media tarts.

The league heard about a photographer who was in the armed services.
Lets call him Bruce.
Bruce was there to record the army doing what they do on the front line. In his job he had to abide by certain rules and regulations. One of those being not to identify special forces personal for obvious reasons.
So when John Howard toured the men in far away places Bruce strategically placed his shots and towed the military line knowing he was keeping those SAS men safe.
then the media pack kicked up a stink and said they wanted more access and bit more of the photographic cherry.
What happened next?
J. Howard said they could come along and left our military guy out of the loop. And what did the pack do?
They photographed faces and places. They might as well have put names and addresses too. Common Sense out the door for a few mega pixels.
How is it a politician can over rule the law of the military for a bit of air time?
How far will they go to get a front page?
donning surgical scrubs, lycra bike suits,kissing babies, dressing up as fairies and the list goes on.

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