Sunday, 7 December 2008

This is the world gone mad.

In Townsville the taxi that picks you up at the airport has to pay $2.oo for the privilage of driving to the taxi rank. The passenger pays this levy as well as the fare.

But the airport authority said the 2 bucks was for the amenitites for the taxi drivers and only the taxi drivers.

Remember this point.

So they (the airport people) bring in some demountable toilets for the drivers.

The Workplace health and safety people come along to put their oar in and say the toilets need a ramp for wheelchair access. Note this is a bit far fetched but admittedly there just might be a disabled drive. So the ramp is built and the WH&S say it is too steep. So they change it.

Now the WH &S say that the drivers still can't use the facilities because


One bright spark said . Hey Ive got a job for life. I can be in a wheelchair and blind and still drive a taxi.!

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