Friday, 20 June 2008

a gold medal

The news on the street is that Australia is the fattest nation on the planet.

And to herald this news the news caster instead of being mortified with embarrasment said Australia has a gold medal.

With all the talk of binging, the LCS says how about something on binge eating.

What consitutes a binger, one burger over 500 kj or more than 3 good meals a day.

I can see a t shirt now. A malnourished person dreaming of emigrating to australia to partake of the land of plenty. "I want some of that"

On the other side of the coin

Why do they make all the naughty things taste soooo good?

Perhaps they should bring back the treat. What, in my day was a treat, is an every trip to the supermarket necessity. Chocolate biscuits for all these days.

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