Friday, 6 June 2008

the full weight of the law.

Now here is a corker as they say at the wine shop.

The scene.... A courtroom

The players.... the Judge/Magistrate and lawyers and the accused.

The accused is a callow youth who has been caught doing something wrong and now he has to appear in court. First time for everything.

So we get to the part where the Judge says his piece and tells the young miscreant that he should ponder on his ways and a spell in the big house might just be the time he need to "Get away from it all"

Are you with me so far. All the Perry Mason stuff etc.

So the youth is standing there in the dock and his mobile phone goes off.

He takes the call and says,

"Am I bad?" to the Judge.

Anyone in their right mind would take the proceedings seriously. Anyone with a nounce of sense would turn off their phone or not take it at all.

Obviously the youth possessed none of these attributes.

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