Tuesday, 8 April 2008

what now

Talking to a teacher the other day I was let into a little bit of the wild side. Apparently she tells'

A child was waving a deadly weapon around the school yard, (think machettee) and threatening things only seen in a B grade movie. Well the teachers were at a loss cause guess what...

they were not allowed to restrain the mad man. They had their hand tied because of protocol and the law. The LCS says it would be easy to overcome a character like this if common sense took a hold and they out numbered him. But with the law breathing down their back they were helpless. So they waited and waited for the police to arrive. Just imagine the mayhem that could have ensued. And the teachers were powerless. And still are!

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  1. Got to disagree with you here Kerry.
    Speaking as a teacher, I'd be doing exactly the same thing as them. In a situation such as this, our first priority is the protection of the other students and ourselves. We would remove the other students from the threatening child's vicinity and call the police. They are trained to deal with such a situation, we are not.
    It's not a case of being powerless, it's a case of using your common sense and staying safe! Would YOU like to tackle someone with a machette (or any other sharp implement)?


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