Monday, 21 April 2008

sinking feeling

Update. The boat of adventure has sunk

Last night the 6 crew abandoned ship and took to their life raft after the boat began to sink

It was a 3 masted sailing ship much like the one pictured but not as big ( long)

It seemed the water came in through the shaft packing and they decided to get out or join Neptune. Jason now can tell a real tale. We saw him afer his ordeal and over a beer he related the whole sorry tale. And a mighty story it turned out to be with him getting in the drink 3 times before the safety of the liferaft. The EPIRB worked and a chopper circled and then about an hour later the water police came and the Burdekin resue took them to shore. Jason lost his Akubra hat and his grandfathers stainless steel hooks besided his tackle box and all the fishing gear. He was sad about that. But he saved his swag and tote bag.

The sydney siders who own the boat were very sad individuals and had spent a lot of money getting their dream to sail. Now 'challenge' sits in 35mt of water off Cape Bowling Green Bay.

Somehow I don't think this will be the last adventure of the intrepid band of crew.

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