Sunday, 20 April 2008

Get up and go.

I saw something strange yet very amusing yesterday. I was watching the river and there was a boy from the bush, with a big 10 gallon hat trying to row a boat. Jason as I was later to find out his name, was from "inland" and had no idea. Yet with his enthusiasm he managed to row back to the dock backwards. He was sitting the wrong way around and trying to push the little boat stern end through the water. Then the oar fell out of the oarlock and he ended up punting. Now after this you would think he would just give up and have a beer, which was on offer. But no, The interpid sailor joined a 3 master from Africa resuming its journey south to Sydney and talked is way aboard. Now at this time in the evening he probably has realised the front end is the pointy end, and is having the time of his life.

It just makes me glad that the adventourous spirit is still around. With nothing but his hat and all the get up and go you can pack in a small bag he is off.

Good on him I say. And Good Luck Jason.

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