Tuesday, 4 December 2007

good fortune.

I have just had my faith renewed in human kindness. My son was foolin' around and threw my keys up a palm tree. Not just any old palm tree but one as high as a two story building.

So they are stuck up there and no way of looking like coming down soon. So I thought to throw a rope over the frond and juggle it about a bit. No go. Then a young man comes up and he has a go. Then a couple come over and they have a go. Then he goes and gets a better rope and we are all looking up a palm tree at 8pm.

His aim is better than mine and success ensues as he throws the coil of rope over the frond and his wife catches it and then latches onto the end of the leaf. she is straining to get it down and my son climbs up the trunk and with a lift from the other helper he manages to snatch the keys.

Thanks to all who took the time and effort to help. It just goes to show there are good people out there.


  1. What is it about boys and throwing things high in the air? My son used to do it all the time too. One of his stuffed toys stayed on the roof of our house for months until someone climbed on the roof to clear out the gutters. Poor Woody looked a bit faded by the time he was rescued.

    We had a reminder of his high tossing tendency just the other day in Spotlight where we met up with a friend and her son who is a couple of years younger than mine. When the boys came back to us giggling sheepishly after her boy tossed a Christmas decoration so high that it disappeared into the heavens. My boy waggled his finger at his mate and told the tale of the wriggly snake toy that migrated to top shelf of a supermarket aisle a few years ago. We still get a giggle out of what the shelf stackers might think when they eventually found the thankfully unrealistic looking snake.

    Ah, boys ...

  2. pretty funny throwing keys in a tree though!


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