Saturday, 20 October 2007

get an education.

A young bloke of 16 wasn't doing too well at school and so his parents decided he would be better off getting a job. The first step to going out in the work force is filling in many and varied forms. Not too good at the 3R's he was told to get 2 forms from the office and fill in one in pencil, then Dad would go over it and he could copy it to the other one in his best handwriting. No problems there. So the lad goes downstairs to begin. All is well until he yells
"They want to know if my toes are straight".
Thinking he heard wrong Dad asks "What?"
"They want to know if my toes are straight" then after reading a b it further the son shouts "It's ok they say I don't have to answer that question if I don't want to"
Hve you guessed it yet?
Are you Torres Strait?

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