Thursday, 11 October 2007


Anodes for anyone who knows nothing about boats are put on the hull (underwater) to stop the electrolysis in the water eating (eroding) the hull. Well one guy who didn't want to spend the money for zinc anodes, (and they are very expensive) asked if (in his innocence) if there was a cheaper alternative. Well he could always buy a car instead, a wag replied. A little bit of homework first before he opened his mouth might have been in order. But I guess you have to start somewhere. This really isn't common sense, cause he might just be starting out in the boating thing, but it makes for a good giggle none the less.
And on the boating theme, a bloke came into the chandlery and had to buy another anchor...because....he forgot to put the chain and rope on and when he threw it over the side it just went, but don't tell the wife he admitted to me.

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